Weekly update – 8 September 2023

Sunshine and rainbows
The sun has been shining for our beach recharging (adding shingle to make the beach bigger as it is our primary sea defence) and many of you have been out to watch the Sospan Dau dredging vessel in action. This marks the start of frontage five (between The Pyramids and Speakers Corner) and as well as being spectacular viewing, we are reducing our carbon footprint. The Sospan Dau expels approximately 1500 tonnes of shingle per load each high tide, which if transported by land, would require 100 lorry loads! This week we also completed the last rock work on frontage four (Southsea Castle).
Ocean colour scene…
We’ve been busy continuing to pour promenade slabs to the west of the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ in front of the bandstand field. In this photo you can see the first of the grey slabs next to the last of the ‘pistachio shell’ shade slabs – a lovely contrast! We have completed six of 58 grey prom slabs in this section so far.
Soil toil
Next week we'll be undertaking some works around the back of the seafront car park by Clarence Pier and next to Pier Road to investigate the underlying soil. We are currently designing the secondary defence in the frontage two area and need to know the condition of the soil for the design to be robust. Work will be completed behind barriers and won't affect the pavements or roads.
Surveying their horizons
This week we had a visit from Kingston University when 20 third-year Quantity Surveying (QS) students came to see us to learn about the Scheme. The students enjoyed a talk from Robin in our design team about the purpose of the scheme, followed by a presentation about life as a quantity surveyor on a project like ours from our own QS, Matt. We also discussed practical examples of day-to-day commercial complications which can arise during live construction and tips on how to overcome them.
Not another soil story…
The bandstand field is now almost clear (apart from the machinery we're using). As you can see from the photo, we have started to even the ground and lay topsoil in readiness for reseeding.