Weekly update – 8 October 2021

Rock-it Man

A big round of applause to our Boskalis Westminster and Ovenden team as they come to the end of the placement of the anorthosite rock this week, including the installation of more tide pools.  A warm welcome to our latest model Jeff, supervisor for Boskalis, pictured here standing proud at the final section of rock works.

Who you gonna call…?  Siltbusters!

The hydro demolition of the capping beam on the Long Curtain Moat Wall has made excellent progress this week. In the photo below, we are using the Siltbuster to ensure that silt, concrete particles and other debris from the high pressured water jet action is removed from the water before it returns to the sea.

Good point

Its great to see results from the hard work pointing and restoring the historic walls we uncovered earlier in the year.  They will be a real feature of the new walkway around all the historic walls at the Spur Redoubt once we complete Frontage One next autumn.

Cranes(near the)water…

A 220 tonne crane was delivered to site this week ready for placing the granite apron revetment (sloped wall) between the rear pile lines next week.  We hope to share some great shots of the action in the coming weeks.