Weekly update – 8 July 2022

Step by step

Under Molly and Gary’s watchful eyes, the first step unit on the west side of the work at Long Curtain Moat was installed. The steps are fitted with tread for safety and will separate the lower and upper promenades on the approach to the Saluting Platform.

Historic find rings a bell

A copper bell likely dating back to Victorian times was unearthed during work digging a trench to connect electricity on Castle Field.

The bell was found at a depth of 600mm, just five metres away from a Victorian cobbled road that was also discovered at the same depth during the works. Read more.

Stringing us along

Wall units for the planters and separation between the car park and the promenade approaching Clarence Pier are taking shape as we carefully line up each wall unit using a string guide to make sure the wall sits straight. The promenade will be higher than before: raised in line with Clarence Pier car park.

Seating Plan

The first of the large seating units at Long Curtain Moat is being built. It’s great to see perspective on how large these are – and the finished articles will be wood finished!