Weekly update – 8 January 2021

Did anyone catch the Sospan Dau dredging vessel in action over the festive break? She was back to discharge 18,000m3 of dredged material onto the foreshore, and we have now formed a working platform with this material in preparation for sheet piling on the west side. We will commence sheet piling the rear pile line next week from the Saluting Platform towards Spur Redoubt. Sheet piling between Spur Redoubt and Clarence Pier was completed before Christmas, allowing us to demolish the existing promenade parapet between these two areas this week. Our Pier Road Compound offices will be ready for occupation from next week, with offices and a carpark area almost finished. The lighting along the DIO pitch diversion route has been repaired for the benefit of those using the path in the darker evenings. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions and encourage you to email us at southseacoastalscheme@portsmouthcc.gov.uk A very happy 2021 to all.