Weekly update – 7 October 2022

Drone image of the lower upstand wall units

One goes up…

We love talking walls here at Southsea Coastal Scheme and this week it‘s great to be talking about walls going up at Frontage Four!  You can see here the lower upstand wall units for the bottom of the split level promenade, forming part of the primary flood defence line around the castle.  The holes you can see in the wall units are drainage points to allow surface water to run back out to sea.  The winter will see the theatre of the sea take shape – AGWWP!


Pre cast wallsOne comes down…

We have been working hard to remove the working platform we built last year for installing the precast walls.  Which means that we can now remove the top of the front steel pile line.  It’s a top question in the visitor centre – what will happen to that front wall? And here we are watching as the piles are removed to sit flush with the top of the granite apron revetment.


Weekend working…

Please note that we will be working weekend shifts this weekend 8 and 9 Oct.

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