Weekly update – 7 May 2021

The piling works at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) are due to finish within the next few weeks, so work around the site will be much quieter.  The pile line has circled around the Spur Redoubt now, with just the connection to the pile line on the east as the final section to be completed! The placement of tide pools and the anorthosite rock is complete on the east side of Frontage 1.  More rock is stored on the beach ready for placement at the west side works (closer to Square Tower) later in the year. Work for the promenade between the Spur Redoubt and Clarence Pier continues (see photo showing the width of the new promenade). Excavation has started between the front and rear pile lines in preparation for placement of the apron (sloping wall between front and rear pile lines) and promenade walls.  Section by section, we will be removing shingle and attaching a waling beam (horizontal beam fitted across the sheet piles to secure them) to the front pile line in order for the sloping apron wall to be fitted.