Weekly update – 7 January 2022

We kicked off 2022 with another significant development on site: Installation of the first parapet unit! These are wall units that sit on top of the steel pile and capping beam to finish the wall and afford more protection. The first one was was installed on the eastern side of the works where the new promenade approaches Clarence Pier.
Get back!
At high tide this week, we were excited to see the steel pile wall holding back the Solent from the rest of the site. The temporary working platform we built into the sea is covered in water, with the effectiveness of the new wall now visible to see.
Location, location, location...
The challenging planning for installation of the parapet wall units was completed by our Portsmouth University Graduate, Angus. Each of the 127 units (weighing in at 5t each) that will be placed along Frontage 1 have been individually referenced to ensure they are exactly placed in the correct location – the fixings on each unit must line up with the fixings on the capping beam. It is imperative that units are placed to ensure a snug and secure fit, creating a wall that is more resilient to the elements and erosion, so longer lasting. We are currently only placing the 56 units on the eastern end of the work – the rest will be installed after works on the apron and upstand wall units on the west have been completed.
Playing it safe
Due to the high level of COVID infections we have temporarily closed our Project Information Centre until 17 January, when we will review opening arrangements.  Thank you for your understanding – we are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Stay safe and well in the meantime.