Weekly update – 6 October 2023

We have lift off!
Frontage five between the Pyramids and just west of the Baffled Coffee kiosk is now closed to the public and we're ready for action. We've started construction and this frontage is due to open at the end of 2024. Here's a lovely photo of most of the team taken this week the celebrate the start of work. Even the sunshine and the excavator posed for the photo!
Green light for new frontage
Our frontage three (between Blue Reef Aquarium and Hovertravel) planning and listed building consent applications were presented to the Portsmouth City Council planning committee this week. We're pleased to report that they were all unanimously approved by members. This area will benefit from cycle lanes and vast improvement to the public realm – we’re excited to see this frontage start to take shape, with construction due to begin in autumn next year. View the application.
One piece at a time…
We've started taking apart the shelters along frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers' Corner). They will be restored and put back along the seafront. The first shelter, which was not listed as it was a replica of the other original shelters, is now completely dismantled and each piece recorded separately. It was very well built and we are now familiar with the structures and have begun dismantling the first of the listed shelters.
The grass is always greener...
The bandstand field has now been completely cleared and re-seeded. Weather permitting, we hope to hand over a green bandstand field in April 2024.