Weekly update – 6 May 2022


It’s a hard rock life for us

Well, here we are again with a photo of the rock developments over at Frontage 4, Southsea Castle. Thanks to Parsa from Boskalis for showing us round site this week and pointing out the progress with the granite rock armour – we are working our way round in front of Southsea Castle now!  There is about 600m of rock armour to place this year and by Friday we will have progressed about 150m, so we are nearly a quarter of the way there!



P-p-p- pick up a parapet!

The parapet units continue being placed giving us a great view of the full height of the new walls facing the sea at Long Curtain Moat.  With the water level above the granite apron units, the photo gives a good impression of how the finished primary defence wall will look when complete.  We can’t wait!




What good form

Formwork, and building of it, is a regular sight, on site! Formwork is another word for ‘mould for our concrete pours’ and they are largely all purpose built. Ritchie, our chippie, gives us the thumbs up creating wooden formwork for the capping beam concrete pour this week, located on the moat side of the promenade. And Sam proudly parades the parapet formwork, which can be adjusted according to the exact shape that we need for each unit, so that they fit snugly together.