Weekly update – 6 August 2021


Birds eye view

Its great to see an overview of how work is progressing from the air. With rock movements now in full flow for the coming weeks you can start to see the revetment appearing at the western end of the pile line.

Blinds down

At the far east, the concrete blinding is being laid ready to support the shuttering or formwork (a mould for concrete to be poured into) for the installation of the capping beam (beam that lays on top of the defence wall to finish and stabilise it).

Spurred on to the end

Back to the bay working….again!  After months of excavating, fitting beams and blinding it’s great to be coming to the end of this part of the work on the west. Bay seven is working its way around the Spur Redoubt, with Mick’s much needed supervision. Only bay eight left, which we look forward to starting start next week.

Dig deep

Onto the promenade towards Clarence Pier, we are digging out and preparing the way for a set of egress steps on the east. A warm welcome to our latest model, Mark – busy at work on his excavators cab on Thursday morning.