Weekly update – 6 April 2023

A ‘hole’ lot of questions

A lot of you have been asking why there are holes in the wall units… good question! Our resident expert told us that the completed promenade path will be in line with the bottom of these holes. In the event that water does come onto the promenade, the water will drain back out to sea through these drainage holes. So there is method to the madness after all!

The sun has got his hat on…

Hip hip hip hoor-rayyyyy! Our Site Agent Rob caught this beautiful shot on Tuesday morning while enjoying some rays of sunshine along the ‘Theatre of The Sea’ on his daily site check – thank you Rob! We have now completed 118 of the terrace units.

It’s all going north!

The North Portsea Coastal Scheme is back in construction after stopping during winter to minimise disturbance to our small friends – the overwintering birds!

The remaining 800m of wall, environmental enhancements and development of social spots are all planned for the coming period. Read their spring update.

Pimp your ride

There’s a lot of great things to do in Portsmouth this Easter so travel the quick and easy way into the city with Portsmouth’s park and ride service. You can hop on/off as much as you like for £4 per car (five people max). Find out more.