Weekly update – 5 May 2023


Oh buoy, oh buoy!

A reminder for where the site boundary is… our yellow buoys mark out the seaward boundary of the site, from the end of our fence at the beach by The Pyramids and then with large yellow buoys around the site of our rock armour work and piles. Just like a site fence or hoarding on land, you should keep out of this area in the water, due to machinery operating or hidden obstacles that may be covered with the tides.

ICE ICE baby…

Last week the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) held their international conference on Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters in Portsmouth. The conference kicked off with a keynote paper by Coastal Partners on the Southsea Coastal Scheme as well as our sister project North Portsea Coastal Scheme.  Our contractor Volker Stevin Boskalis Westminster had a busy stand in the exhibition area and with over 300 attendees coming to Portsmouth from over 40 countries, the conference was a great opportunity to show off our work. On Friday, we hosted the Technical Visit for the conference, where participants were able to see the works they had heard about. It was great to have such a wealth of engineering knowledge on our patch last week!

Preserved not ‘Gomme’

At Southsea Castle, our focus is now on the triangular defence structure we uncovered (likely built as part of the late 17th century re-design of Southsea castle by Dutch military engineer Bernard De Gomme). We are starting the construction of a wall around it to encapsulate and preserve it under our works.  We can see the Titanic poses now..!


This week, our new ‘T Walls’ arrived on frontage 4. These walls will be making up the curved wall in front of the bandstand field. We will of course keep you updated in the coming weeks with the progress of this fabulous design taking shape!

Off to school again...

We've been out and about again this week with our wave demonstration tank. Coastal engineer Robin and graduate engineer Molly enjoyed speaking to 4 year 4 classes at Craneswater Junior school, answering the many clever questions of some of our youngest residents. The children learned about sea defences, why we are building them and how - and there certainly were some future coastal engineers in the audience! Thank you for having us.