Weekly update – 5 January 2024

Santa brought us all the cool big toys…
The excavators are ready to go by Blue Reef Aquarium. As a reminder, this small section of frontage three (Southsea Common) is being built now so that we will be able to open frontage four at Southsea Castle by summer 2024 and it will be fully accessible! Rock works are ongoing, and will be tide dependent therefore working hours will vary between the hours of 05:00 and 23:00 daily. Our array of plant machinery includes two long reach excavators which can reach a whopping 26 metres! Very exciting if you’re into that kind of thing...
wallsNew year, new pre-cast units!
We have started installing T-wall units on frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers' Corner) and in this photo you can see the full height of the walls which will separate the road from the promenade. This wall is part of the secondary sea defence, the primary sea defence will be the beach which in due course will be made bigger. The side of the walls you can see in this photo will have the new promenade up against them, and as the promenade is being raised, you will only be able to see roughly 600mm of it once construction is complete here.
stepsStepping into 2024…
Installation of the pre-cast step units is continuing on frontage five in front of the rock gardens. Here are some lined up along the prom ready to be installed. As explained previously, these steps will lead from the promenade onto the beach (they will be mainly covered in beach material so you will only see the top steps!) There will be a total of 141 of these pre-cast step units installed along the edge of the prom on frontage five and so far we have installed nine!
bandstandOutstanding in our field!
Before Christmas we had our six-monthly visit from the Considerate Constructors scheme where we are audited and marked on our consideration towards the community, the environment and our workforce. We are thrilled and proud to once again be awarded with a fantastic score classing us as ‘outstanding’ considerate constructors!