Weekly update – 5 February 2021


We plan to overcome the challenges of working around sensitive structures by using hydro demolition – a concrete removal technique using high-pressure water jets.

This vibration-free method is ideal for the project as it’s a very specific technique that only removes concrete from a targeted section, thus avoiding damage to sensitive areas.

The windy weather this week was great for showing off the flags at our Pier Road compound, and we welcomed the inclusion of a flag from the Environment Agency which has supported the Southsea Coastal Scheme with almost £100M of funding.

Sheet piling continued between the Saluting Platform and the Spur Redoubt, with more sheet pile deliveries arriving for works next week. Maintenance of the working platforms continues.

Also on Frontage 1 we commenced pouring concrete for a mass concrete toe beam on the East side, starting from Clarence Pier and forming in sections towards the Spur Redoubt. Two concrete pours were completed over a distance of 20 metres.