Weekly update – 5 August 2022

The photo shows our workers finishing the concrete on the promenade around the remains of the city fortifications. To create an aesthetically pleasing look on the top of the concrete, we pat the top while it's wet with a float (a tool a bit like a spatula, but larger) and then smooth the surface across. It's like icing a cake! We can’t wait to walk around the promenade to see the remains of the old walls up close when we open at the end of the year.
So special...
Another special unit can be seen being lifted into place here – this time one of the non-standard parapets units that fit on top of the walls near the Saluting Platform and western egress (emergency exit) steps.
Round the bend!
We're working now from the Bandstand towards Blue Reef (known as the western revetment), with about 50m completed this week! The first phase of groyne construction is complete, with the second phase next year to look forward to when we will be building it further out than its current footprint. The groyne will stretch about another 40m out to sea to help stop beach material movement.