Weekly Update – 5 April 2024

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Bye bye Boskalis…see you soon!
Boskalis Westminster is the company that carries out the marine side of our engineering work. The team has now completed the rock work by Blue Reef Aquarium. Rock is in place in front of the new sea wall, on track to be an accessible access to Frontage 4 in front of Southsea Castle when we open it this spring! Boskalis will be back in October to continue with the rock work on Frontage 3 in front of Southsea Common.
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Top tier construction
This photo shows the pre-cast wall units in front of the Rock Garden, Portsmouth Voluntary Lifeguard hut and The Briny. These walls shape the two-tier terrace levels leading up to what will be the newly raised promenade. The raised promenade will act as the secondary sea defence, with the primary sea defence being the beach itself which will be made bigger and maintained with a beach management plan. These terrace levels will be filled with topsoil, with plants providing some nice greenery and pops of colour.
stud arrows Stud-enly I see… We have put demarcation studs (as pictured) on the concrete on top of our triangular structure which encases the historic wall and gun emplacement we uncovered during early construction of Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) These studs are there to mark out where the historic wall (designed by 17th century Dutch architect Sir Bernard De Gomme) and the gun emplacement lie below. We will also be installing interpretation boards close to the structure.
path by blue reef
Nearly there at Serpentine Square!
We have now installed all 108 of the pre-cast concrete wall units that we needed to install in order to complete the first small section of Frontage 3 (Southsea Common). This will ensure that Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) is accessible from the Blue Reef Aquarium end when we open Frontage 4 this spring! The view in this photo is looking up the slope which links to the new promenade in front of the bandstand field. We have been busy filling the ground to make a smooth foundation and we will be pouring the concrete for this part of the promenade from next week!