Weekly update – 4 November 2022

A bridge…ta ta!
We've taken out the decking from the old timber bridge at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) and hope to have the entire bridge removed by the end of next week. The new bridge is on its way and will closely replicate the original structure. As part of our commitment to being a zero waste Scheme, we are donating wood from the bridge to the Cotswolds Canal Trust. This will enable the Trust to restore all remaining lock balance beams on the Stroudwater Navigation Canal.
Who let the fox out?
He's back! Here's our onsite fox in the carpark at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat). He's often to be found asleep in the planting beds in the morning so it's nice to see him up and about for a change!
It never rains…
…unless it's Portsmouth City Council's bonfire night event - now rescheduled to 9 November at King George V Playing Field. But every cloud... Despite the wild weather this week, our marine team was able to crack on with rock deliveries to the area near Blue Reef Aquarium during daytime hours, with works finishing at 8pm. At Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) we're preparing for phase two of our rock works to begin next week. Phase one of the rockwork saw the installation of the lower section of rock, which allowed an access road to be built so that large trucks and excavators could move around the front of the castle to build the concrete works. Phase two will kick off with this road being removed and the final rock being placed between phase one and the concrete works. This area can be seen in the photo in the central section, between the darker coloured rock and the wall in front of the castle.
Capping it off
The capping beam at Frontage 1 is now complete. The purpose of the beam is to link the sheet steel piles together. The parapet units will sit on top of the capping beam. We've got more than 100 parapet units with just a remaining few to be installed. Completion of the parapet unit installation will be an exciting milestone as the parapet units make up the last part of the primary flood defences!