Weekly update – 4 August 2023



Take a seat!

We’re starting to add in the additional benches on frontage four (Southsea Castle) which will be there for you to rest and enjoy the view. You can see in this photo that we’ve started pouring the concrete bases of the benches. Next up, timber cladding will be attached. There will be four benches on the top promenade of the ‘Theatre of The Sea’, three benches to the east of it, two benches to the west of it and a further four benches along the curved wall in front of the bandstand field.

Spot the elephant in the field…

Talking of the curved wall in front of the bandstand field…We’ve installed 36 of the pre-cast t-wall units which make up this wall. Did you know…each of these larger concrete t-wall units weighs a whopping 10 tonnes which is heavier than an African elephant!

One Direction

Our diversion signs have gone up this week, explaining access to the seafront during the next construction phase starting in October in the area from the Pyramids to Speakers’ Corner – so keep an eye out for those! Read more.

Back to bay-sics…

We’ve been busy pouring more bays of concrete for the promenade above and below the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ and have completed 57 of 86 bays. The contrasting shades of concrete are looking great.

Spotlight on….David

David joined us a year ago as crane supervisor, installing the walls around the edge of the rock revetment. He was previously in the military and is qualified to operate most types of plant machinery, making him a handy guy to have around. David is Scottish and enjoys reading and wild camping.

PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesday 9 August (our next Roadshow date) we’ll be in our gazebo near the D-Day Story museum from 11am – 2pm to speak to you about the Scheme and answer any questions you may have. See you there, weather permitting!