Weekly update – 31 May 2024

 Terraced planters by sea
Planting seeds!

The terraced planters on Frontage 5 at Speakers’ Corner and in front of The Briny restaurant have now been filled with gravel. These will be filled with seeds for different flowers to grow, and we will also be planting many smaller trees in places along these terraced planters.

Long staircase
15 going on 16…

This week we installed our big step unit by the Pyramids – 15 steps high! The area here will slope down to the back of the Pyramids building as the promenade has been raised slightly here. There will be both stepped and sloped access here. The smaller design drawing within this picture shows a red arrow where these steps are located.

Defence sea walls
We’re so defensive!

The secondary defence wall units are being installed along the back of the promenade close to Tte Pyramids.

These are in addition to the primary defences in this corner which include the replenished/bigger beach and raised promenade. To the right you can see we have also laid the edging stones ready to lay the footpath which will reconnect the new promenade to the top of the East Battery.

School presentation with wave tank
Broadening Horizons

Last week we visited New Horizons Primary School to hold information sessions with Year 4 and Year 5 pupils. We spoke to the pupils about what we are doing at Southsea Coastal Scheme and why. We also used our wave tank to visually demonstrate the effects of different types of sea defences and why we are using different defences at different parts of Southsea seafront.