Weekly update – 31 March 2023

Coming a-LONG nicely
Near the Pyramids, the groyne is taking shape and 100% of the geotextile (base layer for the rock to sit on) has been installed. The team will shortly be moving on to shaping the core rock layer and then placing the armour rock. A fantastic shot here taken by our drone team! Preparations for the base layer of the curved secondary wall in front of Bandstand Field are ongoing along the west of frontage four (Southsea Castle).
Suck it up
It seems the April showers came early, but that hasn’t stopped our team from making progress with the terrace units. They've been using a vacuum lifter which is a machine that sucks up the units to put them in place! Fun fact of the day – each of the units for the terrace weighs between four and seven and a half tonnes! That is one strong vacuum.
Cormorants a calling
The cormorants are definitely enjoying frontage one being fully open. Chris the cormorant was spotted this week having a bath and fishing in Long Curtain Moat.
Ex-Solent view
We thought you might like to see the ‘Theatre of The Sea’ from a different angle - so here’s one looking out to The Solent. Despite the clouds, the view across to the Isle of Wight is spectacular and reminds us how lucky we are to live in this city. Personally, we can’t wait for a summer's day when we can sit here with an ice cream!