Weekly update – 30 September 2021

Nice to see you…to see you, nice!
A HUGE shout out to everyone who came to meet us in the Visitor Centre this week.  It was great to hear all your feedback and we look forward to seeing you again soon. The centre is open weekdays: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays 10-2; Wednesdays 9-1; and Thursdays 12-4.
Oh, Danny boy…
Our foreman Danny shows us some ‘sites’ this week!  On the seaward Long Curtain Moat wall, the existing handrail is being removed ready for hydro demolition (high pressured water demolition) of the capping beam (beam along the top of a wall)
Mind the gap…
This week’s concrete pour to the capping beam and wall at the eastern end of the wall links up to Clarence Pier in time for winter.  More concrete pours continue with the capping beam along the promenade. Next up are the eastern egress steps.
Rock steady
The rock revetment work is within spitting distance of completion. Rock has been placed around the Spur Redoubt now and only needs linking up with the rocks we put into position in spring this year.