Weekly update – 3 February 2023

Quick step
The photo shows the first 12 terrace units installed in the area around Southsea Castle. These units will make up the steps on the two-tier promenade in the area and it's easy to imagine people out and about enjoying the views of the Solent from these vantage points.
 Line 'em up!
We've added parking lines and finished laying asphalt on the Clarence Pier carpark. After being home to our site offices for the last few years, it's good to see it restored to a carpark again in readiness for our opening up in February.
 Bricking it
We've unearthed a labelled brick near Spur Redoubt dating circa 1898-1902. The brickmaker was E.J. & E. PEARSON from Stourbridge in Worcestershire which specialised in kiln/fire bricks. The effects of heat can be seen on the non-labelled side. Thanks to our colleagues at Wessex Archaeology for keeping us informed of these ongoing historic finds as we put the final touches to our works at Long Curtain Moat.
Making an exhibition of ourselves
Are you interested in finding out what we’ve got planned for the next couple of years? You’re invited to join us for an exhibition at the CourtX tennis centre, Eastern Parade, Southsea on Friday 24 February (2pm - 8pm) and Saturday 25 February (9am - 3pm). The exhibition will outline plans for the upcoming Frontage 5 West (Pyramids to Speakers’ Corner) and Frontage 3 (Southsea Common), as well as general information on the Southsea Coastal Scheme.