Weekly update – 29 September 2023

Ciao ciao Sospan Dau!
The Dutch vessel, Sospan Dau, will complete its final discharge of shingle near the Pyramids at high tide on Saturday 1 October. Depending on weather conditions, the last discharge will take place at either 1am or 1pm. This lovely photo was taken at sunrise this week.
Above deck
Construction of the new temporary outdoor decking for The Briny restaurant is underway. This means outside space will still be available for you to wine and dine during our construction work in this area. This new decking is due to be complete in readiness for next weekend, all being well.
De Gone!
The concrete bays on top of the historic triangular De Gomme wall that we uncovered in front of Southsea Castle have been poured this week. Eventually there will be steel plating on the side of the structure with the architect's drawings on the side so you'll be able to see a visual representation of the historic structure protected underneath.
 Take shelter…
You may notice on frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers' Corner) we have started taking apart the shelters along the promenade. These shelters are very old and are being taken apart piece by piece. Each piece is being recorded separately, and they will eventually be refurbished and put back together again to be placed along the centre of the new promenade when it is complete.
Memorial benches update
Memorial benches on frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers' Corner) have been removed up to the lifeguard hut. As mentioned in previous correspondence, once all of the benches have been removed we will be temporarily installing all memorial plaques from this area on two new benches along the promenade towards the eastern end of Clarence Parade.