Weekly update – 29 October 2021

Tread carefully
The egress steps are a popular topic of conversation in our Visitor Centre at Pier Road.  Frontage 1 (the area we are currently working on) has two sets of egress steps – one near the Saluting Platform, the other opposite Pier Road Car Park. We have finished the reinforced concrete structure for the stair well walls this week, and have laid formwork (mould) for the treads of the steps. Thank you Mick for modelling this week!
Hydro force
The hydro demolition on the capping beam (horizontal beam on top of the old wall of the moat) continues at full force.  Removing this beam is part of the preparation for laying a new, wider, two tier promenade from the Spur Redoubt to the Saluting Platform.
Lining up the limestone
Pre cast units of Purbeck limestone for the walls and granite for the apron weighing between 10 and 12 tonnes each are being carefully placed again this week. We are also concrete in-filling between the units to make sure they are secure in place. 
Return of the fox
Our friend the fox made another appearance this week. We are lucky to have such a diligent foreman on site to make sure we are in line and working hard at all times!
Coastal channel
Don’t forget we have a Southsea Coastal Scheme channel on You Tube, and the visitor centre in Pier Road is now open. There are lots of ways to stay in touch – we look forward to seeing you soon!