Weekly update – 28 October 2022

Back in January we were approached by a science teacher from Mayfield School (Portsmouth) asking if it was possible to have a limestone slab with what looked to be dinosaur imprints, located at Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle). The slab was one of those due to be removed so we were happy to remove it intact for future display at the school. Today the slab made its final journey from our Pier Road compound to the school where it will eventually be installed for the benefit of the Years R-11 students. Thank you to Bill (left) and Rich for delivering all 150kg of 'prehistoric' rock! We look forward to seeing it in its final location.
It's a balustrade up!
Over at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) we have installed the first section of balustrade by the caponier bridge. We're always pleased to support local business and our thanks to Specialized Fabrications from Gosport who are making the bespoke balustrade especially for the Scheme. The balustrade will be replicated throughout future phases.
Nice curves
At Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) we have completed the eastern section of lower promenade wall. Locals will recognise the section around the castle where the wall curves. Do you recall how narrow this section was? Well, stay tuned for future photos where you'll notice quite the transformation! Phase one of rock installation has been completed in this area, and now we will be placing it to height, coming up to the drainage holes you can see in the section of wall in front of the digger.
Don't be a ....
Stay off the rock! We've unfortunately had some reports of people breaking into site and climbing on the rock stockpiles in the area near Blue Reef Aquarium. This is extremely dangerous and we urge people not to illegally enter our construction site for their own safety. Cameras are installed throughout our Scheme and the sites are monitored.