Weekly update – 28 May 2021

Thankfully, no one was blown away by the winds at the end of last week so work continues, now under the very welcome sun and blue skies. With the completion of the piling and the associated departure of the heavy plant, the view of Portsmouth’s skyline has opened up once again from the Frontage 1 site at Long Curtain Moat. It's a stunning backdrop as we continue preparations for the wall that will eventually link the old city walls and the pile line. Another new technical term this week with the start of 'blinding', which refers to a base layer installed to make a clean level working surface. In our case, blinding has been laid to prepare for the installation of the next stretch of toe beam (horizontal beam attached along the bottom of the steel pile wall to hold the wall in place) to the east of Spur Redoubt. Work for the apron (sloped wall extending downward from the top of the rear pile wall to the ground level of the front pile wall) involves splitting the space between the front and rear pile lines into sections or ‘bays’.  We are finishing up on bay one this week and will continue to excavate, bay by bay, in the coming weeks. Great work team - let's all take Monday off to celebrate. Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!