Weekly update – 28 June 2024


pre cast units

The final piece of the puzzle

All the pre-cast units from Speakers’ Corner to the Pyramids have now been installed – a total of over 500 units. The complex nature of their formation has seen us refer to them as ‘the SF5 jigsaw’ so it’s great to have that final piece in place.  The final units in the photo link the promenade with the slope down to what will become the Speakers’ Corner plaza.

prom slab

Prom prep

We have started preparation of the first promenade slab to be cast near the rock groyne at the Pyramids end of sub-frontage five. We will continue constructing the new promenade over the next few months as there are over 200 concrete slabs in the promenade area. The new promenade will have the same look to that in front of the Eastern Battery and Bandstand Field, further down towards Southsea Castle.  following on from this, we’ll start installing the finishing touches to this area such as street furniture and lighting.

You may have noticed that our site offices near the Pyramids have now been removed. This is so we can construct the ramped access between the Pyramids and the promenade.

Student engineer on site

Ciao, Bella!

Farewell to our student placement engineer Isabella (Bella) Spicer as she heads off to the rural village of Vuadomo in Fiji to volunteer with a sustainable tourism project for eight weeks. Bella will be involved in constructing wooden pavilions in the small village, using local materials. It’s hoped that these will increase tourism to the village by providing commercial space for cultural and wellness experiences. Follow Bella’s journey on Instagram at @bella_in_fiji

relay team

Changing hands

On Monday 1 July, the Running Out of Time relay baton will pass by the Southsea Coastal Scheme’s ‘Theatre of the Sea’ near Southsea Castle, an important stop on its extraordinary 2,436km route from Ben Nevis, Scotland to Big Ben, London in the name of climate action. Come and see the race in action from 11.20-11.40am.