Weekly update – 28 April 2023


‘Moore’ concrete incoming!

  Last week, our lead supervisor Caroline and our site agent Rob went to visit Moore Concrete in Northern Ireland to do a concrete quality visit. Moore’s make all of our pre-cast concrete units and we went to quality check our next pre-cast section of wall units. These will be placed in front of the bandstand field and it was a big thumbs up from Caroline and Rob!    

A firm foundation…

  You may recall we told you that we are constructing a reinforced foundation in front of Blue Reef Aquarium to future proof and give the option of adding a secondary sea defence wall in years to come if needed. We have now started making the reinforcement cages - these steel cages will be placed into position, a timber mould will be installed around them and they will then be filled with concrete - a great foundation for any wall that may be added in the future!

Rockin’ around the Southsea sea!

A lot of you have been asking about the piles of rocks situated in front of Southsea Common and the large Portsmouth Naval Memorial. These are not a permanent feature – they were shipped over at the same time as the rest of the rock to be economical and they are being stored here until they are placed where they are going on frontage 3. Once this is finished, you will be able to see out to sea as before.

Feeding time at the beach!

Frontage 3 visual Further west, towards The Beach Club, you have been asking how far along the promenade the rock will reach and the effects on the beach near the Hovertravel terminal. Although the design here is not fully finished, plans are to extend the rock up to The Beach Club. This is necessary as this particular strip has been historically difficult to maintain and led to several recent failures. However, there is still a 180m long beach between The Beach Club and Hovertravel that will be maintained. Some additional shingle will be placed east of the Beach club. This shingle will “feed” the beach to the west, therefore the size and level will vary over time due to natural processes.