Weekly update – 27 October 2023


Pebble dash…

Our research team has deployed 700 tracer pebbles across Southsea seafront from The Pyramids to Fort Cumberland. Tracking the movement of these tracer pebbles will help to provide important information on sediment transport rates and direction, the location of any sediment transport convergence (where material accumulates) or divergence zones (where material disperses from). It will also give an indication of the behaviour of the newly imported material pumped ashore by the Sospan Dau. The results will feed into the Southsea Beach Management Plan that is currently being developed as part of the Southsea Coastal Scheme.

We pile in style!

Installation of the steel sheet piles along the top edge of the beach on frontage five has stormed ahead this week. There are only 50 metres of them left to install.

Every day’s a school day…

Interpretation boards are starting to appear around Long Curtain Moat. One board explains the history of Clarence Pier; one board focusses on Spur Redoubt, Kings Bastion and Long Curtain Bridge (pictured); and another will be on Long Curtain Moat. There will also be a board on the archaeology in this frontage of the scheme.

An Oasis

This week we visited the Oasis Venue in Portsmouth to talk to some local residents who meet through the Personal Choice community project. They were very interested in hearing about the scheme, what we are doing and why, as well as our future plans. Email us on southseacoastalscheme@portsmouthcc.gov.uk if you’re part of a local group who’d like to hear from us.

Jump on the wave of success!

Fascinated by floods? Keen on communication? If you’re looking to work towards a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration, we want you!

The Southsea and North Portsea Coastal Schemes are major infrastructure projects for Portsmouth and are pleased to offer a 21-month opportunity for an apprentice to join their busy communications team. For more information and your chance to be part of the wave of success, apply here