Weekly update – 27 January 2023

Terrace units take centre stage
An exciting milestone at frontage four (Southsea Castle) this week with the first terrace units being installed. These units will make up the steps on the two-tier promenade in the area that will eventually make up the ‘theatre of the sea’, offering spectacular views across the Solent.
Bottling it
At Long Curtain Moat we've unearthed an intact ceramic bottle from Stephen Green Imperial Potteries in Lambeth, Greater London, dating to circa 1823-1851. The bottle was likely to have been deposited when the old fortifications of Portsmouth were backfilled in the 1870s! Measuring around 20cm long, it's a nice little find for the team.
Hit the road
We're laying new asphalt on the Clarence Pier carpark. Next up we'll add the parking lines so you'll be parking pretty when you come to visit us upon our reopening in February.
Flower power
Our planting beds are being filled with soil in readiness for the explosion of colour when we install a mixture of native and non-native plants consisting of three distinct species - evergreen, seasonal and annual wildflowers. The planting has been chosen to reflect the existing character of vegetated shingle along the seafront.
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