Weekly update – 27 August 2021

70's Rock!
With weather and tides back in our favour, the Boskalis Westminster team has placed an awe-inspiring 70 metres of rock this week. This is double what we would usually anticipate in a week! The team worked double shifts outside of normal hours to achieve this result and we thank everyone for their patience while we rolled on with the work. We have now reached 140 metres of our total 253 metre target. Well done and keep rocking on team!
Get us outta here!
Thanks to our engineers Molly and James for showing us progress with the egress (emergency escape) steps at the west of the Spur Redoubt. With formwork (molds) and and steel reinforcement bars in place for the base of the steps, the concrete will be poured within the week.
And to cap it all off…
At the east, formwork has been installed and concrete is being poured into the reinforced steel structure for the capping beam of the promenade wall. Capping beams are installed on top of the steel pile walls to secure the piles in place and create a finished look to the wall.
Send us Victorious!
This week saw us helping out our friends at Victorious as we pitched in to prepare Southsea for one of its busiest weekends of the year. Thanks to our models (l-r): Mick, Paul and Rob.