Weekly update – 26 November 2021

Pre cast carry on
Installation of the pre cast granite apron wall units and limestone upright wall units continues, and we have now laid 49 apron units and 16 wall units. These are difficult to see from the viewing windows at the Saluting Platform, so please feel welcome to drop into our Project Information Centre on Pier Road to check out the latest progress photos.
Hanging up the hydro dem
We have finished using hydro demolition to remove the bulk of the concrete from the capping beam of the old walkway between the Saluting Platform and Spur Redoubt. You can see here the steel reinforcement for the beam exposed while the outer edge of the beam is carefully being removed to prevent damage to the historic walls below.
Going up in the world
The egress (emergency exit) steps on the west gained height with another concrete pour this week.  The photo shows the steel reinforcements ready for subsequent concrete pours over the coming weeks.
“4” warned is forearmed
A section of promenade between Southsea’s Blue Reef Aquarium and the Pyramids will close from January 2022 - November 2023 as construction begins on the next phase of the Southsea Coastal Scheme at Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle). Advance notice boards have been erected in the area, showing a diversion route for promenade users over the closure period, and previewing the completed design. Read more.