Weekly update – 26 March 2021

Happily this week, fairer weather prevailed and the March winds held off – until a very blustery Friday! The Spring weather conditions helped us make good progress with the front pile line which has now reached the Spur Redoubt. Due to vibration monitoring results, the piling work on the rear pile line has now reverted to use of the silent piler, to protect the recently exposed historic wall. To explain: A pile is a large long steel plate that can be driven into the ground to create a barrier above and below ground level. Piles are driven into the ground to interlock next to each other by pre-augering (preparing the ground for the pile to go into) and then driving into the ground using a leader rig, or a silent press (which takes vibrations to a minimum while working around sensitive structures). On the East of the Spur, drainage works for the new promenade started this week with excavations, building of manholes and pipe laying. Also on the East, plate welding onto the piles for the capping beam (beam over the top of the piles) continued. The plate welding affords protection from erosion to the capping beam. Wessex Archaeology continued with site investigations on historic structures behind Spur Redoubt and recording the newly exposed historic wall.