Weekly update – 26 January 2024

get inspired
Getting Inspired…

This week we attended the ‘Get Inspired’ event at Portsmouth Guildhall. It was a great event visited by many schools in the region. We took our wave tank along to demonstrate the effectiveness of different types of sea defences and spoke to the students about what we do and the different career paths available in this field. Hopefully we have inspired some budding engineers!

coastal rocksLocked in!

Rock works continue by Blue Reef Aquarium, and we are starting to install the Coastalocks in this section. Coastalocks are man-made tide pools made from concrete with a certain PH level which is safe and encourages colonisation of marine life. When the tides go out, water will be left in these tide pools allowing marine life to survive and flourish.

In this section of work we are installing 20 Coastalock tide pools altogether – they will be in four sets of five tide pools in the formation shown in the photo. This photo is taken on frontage four (Southsea Castle) and as you can see it is already happily colonising.

tracer pepplesMove over ghost busters…

In October we told you about our tracer pebbles that are being deployed along the Southsea beach. 700 pebbles were deployed across seven sites on the Southsea seafront, stretching from The Pyramids to Fort Cumberland. These are native pebbles which have been inserted with a tag that logs their geographical position. We are doing regular surveys to map the movement of the tracer pebbles in order to see how our beach is behaving and moving sediment. This will help us plan for how we manage the beach (which is our primary sea defence) going forwards.

Our most recent survey happened this week.

benchesTake a seat!

Following our latest delivery earlier this week, we have been installing the timber seating and backrests onto the concrete bench bases along our Southsea Castle frontage. They are looking fantastic and we know you will be pleased with the seating available.

As well as the expansive stepped seating on our ‘Theatre of the Sea’, the area from Blue Reef Aquarium to The Pyramids also has two large swing benches, 10 stand alone benches (as pictured) and two benches with tables. Plenty of room for everyone!