Weekly update – 26 February 2021

Sun's out and works on frontage 1 are progressing well this week. Hydro-demolition has re-commenced around the Spur Redoubt historic structure to remove existing concrete from around the west side old defence walls. Wessex Archaeology is present during all this work. Sheet piling continues along the front seaward pile line west to east. We have also continued the mass concrete toe beam along the east side, as well as the capping beam steel flange plate along the east. Adjacent to Clarence Pier, we have started the east tie concrete infill works. In other news, we have had several people asking about future swimming at the beach at frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat). When works are completed in summer 2022, we will arrange for an independent water safety risk assessment.  Appropriate water safety signage will be installed pending the outcome of this assessment and the decision will be communicated to the wider community.