Weekly update – 26 August 2022

We love it when a plan comes together…
We have continued to lay the promenade on the east side of the works. Progress includes bench bases being poured, planting beds almost finished and installation of all precast walls. It's exciting to see the final picture starting to come together. Next up, we start on the promenade to the west of Spur Redoubt – ain’t no stopping us now!
Rock and wall!
Round by Southsea Castle, we have been breaking out the old revetment (sloped wall by the sea) so that we can place the foundations for the new sea wall which will sit between the rock and the fabulous new promenade. Rock work continues on the west, with a great picture here showing the operation from the sea. We have completed 500 of 640 metres….it's been a great summer of rock! And with that, enjoy Victorious everyone!