Weekly update – 25 November 2022

A bit over the top…
The new primary flood defence at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) was put through its paces on Thursday 24 November as a 2m swell and a 5.2m tide tested the structure.  The defence is designed to allow some wave spray to come over the walls during weather events, with the secondary flood protection provided by the high ground behind the moat. We have installed new flood gates at the top of both sets of emergency exit (egress) steps in this area.
Carpark clear out
The office and welfare cabins set up on Clarence Pier Carpark for our site team have been removed and the team has relocated to the Pier Road compound while final touches to Frontage 1 continue. Work has begun to reinstate the carpark ahead of reopening.
Build a bridge…
Work is well underway on construction of the new timber bridge over the Spur Redoubt. The bridge will closely resemble the original and is due for completion next week.