Weekly update – 25 May 2023

Going, going, not quite Gomme!

The encasing of the historic De Gomme wall is continuing on frontage 4 down by Southsea Castle. The wall blocks are in place and the team is currently finishing the reinforcement steel within the blocks which will make the wall very strong and sturdy.

The next part of this construction is for concrete to be poured into the blocks, which will be happening this week.

All in all, it’s just another…

A historic handmade fired red clay brick found during Southsea Coastal Scheme excavation works is winging its way to the World Brick Museum in Maizuru, Japan.

Lord Mayor Cllr Tom Coles is delivering the brick as part of a wider tour of the area to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Portsmouth being a sister city to Maizuru, as well as the 80th anniversary of Maizuru becoming a city.

The brick was found under the old promenade in front of Southsea Castle during coastal defence construction works. It was part of an excavated structure designed to hold a swivel mount gun, dating back to the early 19th century.

A world premiere….

As promised, here is a first look at the promenade colours for frontage 4 (Southsea Castle). The ‘pistachio shell’ shade to the left is the prom colour above and below the ‘Theatre of The Sea’ and the grey is the shade the prom will be at either end of the ‘Theatre of The Sea’. The contrasting shades complement each other and will add a nice contrast to the overall look of this frontage.


Spotlight on… Mike!

Mike is our senior general foreman at Southsea Coastal Scheme…and some might say Southsea’s answer to Jason Statham! Mike’s in charge of the team that constructs landside works on frontage 4 and always greets you with a friendly smile. His favourite food is a classic roast dinner and he enjoys spearfishing. At the weekends you might spot Mike out on a jet ski!

Information Centre closure

The visitor centre on Pier Road is now closed for half term and will re-open on Monday 5 June.