Weekly update – 25 June 2021

We kept it clean this week by heading out to Hot Walls Beach in Old Portsmouth to conduct our first beach clean event in a long time.  Litter surveys revealed the top items found to be bottle tops, glass and lolly sticks. This data has been sent to the Marine Conservation Society and will help them to track the common items found on beaches back to the source. It's a 'high five' for our bay work this week with bay five of eight completed. We continue on the west of Spur Redoubt to work section by section, digging out, attaching beams and backfilling once complete. The waling beam on the rear of the front pile line provides stability and support to the steel piles, whilst the toe beam on the front of the rear pile line provides the same stability as well as a base for the precast vertical wall. Formwork has been built for the next concrete pour for the wall connecting the pile line and the existing historic structure. This connection is known as a 'tie in'. The formwork creates a frame for the concrete to be poured into and set into position.  To secure an attachment between the first and next concrete pours, the top surface of the first pour is left ‘roughed up’ to make a 'key'. Have you voted for Long Curtain Moat to win 'People's Choice' at the 2021 SECBE Awards? If not, you can cast your vote at the foot of our blog here.