Weekly update – 24 September 2021

Open for business!
Our Project Information Centre at the Pier Road site offices in Southsea will finally open on Monday 27 September! The entry to the centre is via the gate at the seafront end of the compound – just follow the signs on the blue hoardings. Opening hours may vary over time but initially will be Mon (10-2), Tues (10-2), Wed (9-1), Thurs (12-4) and Fri (10-2).
Rock, stock and barrel
We are powering through the creation of the rock revetment. Here we are coming up to the Spur Redoubt at the centre of site where we will tie in (join up) the eastern rock defence with the west.  Thank you to everyone for your understanding while we come to the end of this crucial part of the defence construction.
It never rains…but it pours
We have been grateful for sun instead of rain this week as we continue to pour concrete to the east promenade capping beam (horizontal beam sitting on top the steel pile line to create a finished look and assist in keeping the piles stable).
History repeats
We were delighted to find more historic walls in the spring. Now they are receiving the attention they deserve with cleaning and pointing to bring them back to their former glory.
Keeping it contained
Scaffolding work continues for hydro demolition of the existing capping beam on the footbridge from the Saluting Platform. We have put measures in place to contain the water run off from the works to prevent pollution to Long Curtain Moat.