Weekly update – 24 March 2023

Join the groyne!
We're halfway through installing geotextile, which is the base layer for the rock to sit on. This layer stabilises the rocks and prevents sediments rising and creating an unstable base. The work is done during low tides on a six-hours on, six-hours off shift pattern. Once this layer is complete, we will start placing core material rock (with a grade of 60kg to 300kg) on top of this. The last step will be to install an armour layer (these rocks are between 2-4 tonnes!). Thanks to our models Hans (left) and Rob.
A few steps closer…
Around Southsea Castle, the units making up the terrace for the 'Theatre of the Sea' are continuing to take shape and so far we've installed 95 units. This very large and complicated jigsaw puzzle will contain approximately 250 units in total!
Fantastic Mr Fox
Our foxy friend has been keeping an eye on developments along frontage four. His favourite game is running in and out of the drainage holes between the promenade and the seaward rock in front of the bandstand.
The Oscars are so last week...
This week it’s all about the SECBE Constructing Excellence Awards! We are proud to have been named as finalists in the sustainability category for Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat). The awards are open to the whole sector, from buildings to infrastructure, all parts of the supply and demand chain, all disciplines, professions and trades.