Weekly update – 24 June 2022

Roughed up

The step units that will lie on the promenade between the Spur Redoubt and the Saluting Platform bridge have arrived!  These will be placed to connect the upper and lower sections of the new, improved two tier promenade. They have an acid etched finish (which means that the smooth surface of the concrete has been given a slightly rougher texture by brushing a special acid-causing abrasion to the top) and of course, embedded anti slip strips.

Bridge the gap

Ritchie is working on the abutments (supports) from the new promenade to receive the new steel caponier bridge.  The abutments are made of reinforced concrete, and will be ready to connect with the new bridge as we approach autumn.

Wall together now

We are building walls around the reinforced concrete egress steps using the limestone slabs that we used in the pre cast units.  This means a neat and tidy seamless finish from the step walls to the pre cast unit walls, and a finish to the defence wall that remains in keeping with the historic setting.


This week we installed a new manhole and drain for the drainage at the eastern end of the works near Clarence Pier.  In the coming weeks we will be backfilling ready for surfacing later in the summer.