Weekly update – 23 September 2022

Good point, well made

Next week we will be starting on the process to cut down the front sheet piles on the twin pile line, exposing the granite apron and limestone walls to the sea for the first time.  The working platform that we created almost a year ago to fit the pre cast walls will be removed, and we hope it goes without saying by now that we will be recycling the materials later on in the scheme. But before we can get cracking on that, we are finishing off the last of the pointing work between the wall units.

Crack down

Construction of the east and west promenades at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) has come along a storm over the last few weeks. We install reinforced concrete in slabs, in a ‘miss one, pour one’ pattern to allow for installation of expansion bars into the concrete slabs, attached at one end, before the adjoining slab is poured. These expansion bars prevent cracking to the concrete which could happen on a hot day as the materials expand! It was a revelation to the see the pistachio finish on the west prom – it’s coloured more pistachio shell, than pistachio nut!

Rocking away

We’ve completed the final rock drop near the Pyramids at the eastern end of the work at Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle).

In other news, we have decided to continue importing rock from Norway over the next three months to stockpile it for use in future construction near Southsea Common, known as frontage three of the Scheme.

Early rock delivery will ensure considerable savings due to the predicted rising future cost of the special anorthosite rock needed for the sea defences. It will also guarantee continued use of the coaster ship and barge needed to deliver this additional rock on the beach near Blue Reef Aquarium.