Weekly update – 23 June 2023


We love our curves…

Installation of the curved wall in front of the bandstand has started. This will involve installing a total of 88 pre-cast ‘T-wall’ units which have been made to measure off-site by our design team. We’ve got our big crane back in action for the job and six units are in place already.

Let there be light…

This week the lighting ducts are being put in place along the top of the ‘Theatre of The Sea’. These will be ready for the 19 lighting bollards to be installed around the top of the terraces. There will also be four floor mounted lights surrounding the De Gomme historic wall feature. These lighting sets will greatly enhance this area which, prior to construction, was not lit up. When open, this will allow us to enjoy the space into the evening as well as during the day.

Ready steady pour!

Last week we saw the laying out of the York stone on the promenade above the ‘Theatre of The Sea’. These mark out the approximate line of the edges of the historic tunnels below it. This week the ‘shuttering’ has been put into place. The shutters are the wooden structures you can see in the photo and they’re in place as a mould to form the promenade slabs. The concrete will be in the shade ‘pistachio shell’ and will be poured into these moulds to form the promenade in the coming weeks.

Spotlight on… Nathan

Nathan is our Senior Buyer here at Southsea Coastal Scheme so he gets to sign off a lot of our larger shopping bills! We are in the presence of royalty as Nathan is officially a Lord….yes, he paid for the title. An interesting fact – Nathan’s family has been traced back to coming over to the UK with the invading Vikings!