Weekly update – 23 December 2022

I saw two bridges come sailing in

We have installed the deck on the new steel caponier bridge at Long Curtain Moat. It’s looking great, and a wonderful addition to the new timber bridge.

Silent night

We have completed our final rock drop for the year. Thank you for your patience over this time. This should be the last rock we need to deliver for the project, unless there are any design changes in the future. We’ll keep you updated.

Once in Royal Portsmouth City

Amazing insights into the history surrounding Southsea Castle have been revealed during excavation works near the castle. A structure designed to hold a swivel mount gun dating back to the early 19th century has been exposed beneath the existing promenade in front of the castle. In addition, a large triangular defence structure has been found near the gun emplacement. Read more

The first…chance to comment

Our planning application for an amended design to the seafront area between the Pyramids and Speakers Corner is now available online for comment on the Portsmouth City Council website. The reference number is 22/01720/VOC.

Two Listed Building Consents were also submitted for the lamps and shelters affected and the reference numbers for these are 22/01721/LBC (lamps) and 22/01722/LBC (shelters).

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Our Pier Road, Long Curtain Moat and Southsea Castle site offices will be closed from Friday 23 December until Tuesday 3 January. Our Project Information Centre at Pier Road will be closed from 1pm on Monday 19 December until 16 January. Have a great break and we’ll see you in 2023.