Weekly update – 22 September 2023

Prom slabs in full swing!
We’ve steamed ahead this week pouring the concrete slabs making up the promenade in front of the bandstand field. We have now completed 29 of the 58 prom slabs in this section. To the left of the photo is the frame for our swinging bench which will be installed in due course.
Return of the Sospan
The Sospan Dau vessel will return this weekend after a break due to maintenance. It will be completing its final three days of re-charging the beach east of the groyne during high tides. This final load of shingle will then be moved to where it needs to be on the beach, using a bulldozer.
Clip and collect
Some vegetation between the rock gardens and the promenade is due to be removed next week. This is required to eventually tie in the new higher promenade with the rock gardens. The section to be removed is highlighted in the yellow boxes of the image.
Getting closure…
Don’t forget that from 2 October the promenade between The Pyramids up to the Baffled Coffee kiosk will be closing in order to start construction of the next phase of the scheme. The Briny and the Baffled Coffee kiosk will both remain open!
Blooming marvellous!
The planters at Long Curtain Moat are now really starting to establish. A landscaper will be returning to this area in October to re-seed and prepare the planters for a successful bloom next year. We’re excited to see their progress in 2024.