Weekly Update – 22 March 2024

Still standing…

A much-needed makeover is underway on Bandstand Field. Powerful jet washing is stripping off the salt and rust on the tired looking bandstand in readiness for a fresh paint job. We look forward to seeing the bandstand fully restored and refurbished when the field reopens to the public next month.

step revetment

Stepping it up

We’ve reached a century! There are now more than 100 step revetments installed at Frontage 5 (Pyramids to Speakers’ Corner), which means it’s over 70% complete. This is the primary flood defence which starts at the Pyramids and runs eastwards along the seafront, as part of improving coastal flood protection along with promenade. Eventually these steps will be largely covered by shingle, with access ramps and stairs at points along the structure.

de gomme

You’ve been framed!

The de Gomme structure near Southsea Castle is being prepared for installation of panels on each side. We found this large, triangular defence structure back in 2022 as part of the demolition works on the previous sloped defence and it’s been incorporated into the ‘Theatre of the Sea’, with the structure protecting the historic structure within. The panels on the structure will feature the drawings recorded by the archaeologist as part of their work with this recent discovery.


Shining a light on history

New lights will illuminate the de Gomme structure mentioned in the previous article, along with illuminated bollards in the Southsea Castle area. The outline of the find is marked by bronze studs, demonstrating the past and present development of the castle since its construction. We can’t wait to experience the ambience of this area when it’s lit up in the evenings.