Weekly update – 22 July 2022

What? A wall's up! Last summer seems a distant memory, when the bay working started in preparation for installing the pre cast limestone and granite wall units. But here we are coming up to fitting the LAST of the pre cast limestone wall units. The final, specially designed apron granite unit was installed last week, and this week the last special wall unit will follow suit.  Watch this space as this section of the works come to an exciting and highly anticipated end next week. What a waste... We have used demolition materials from the Scheme to build the base of the new larger groyne at Frontage 4.  We are committed to being a zero waste project by reusing all the material (which could have been disposed of as waste) we remove from the old flood defences in the new ones!  It saves 24,600 lorry movements and 3,950 tonnes of Co2 being released, not to mention saving time and money. And speaking of time… ‘What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and…stair’ It’s almost poetic reaching this point of the construction at Frontage 1 where the shape of the new flood defences are really coming together. We have stairs being installed at both ends of the work ready for installation of the promenades. Rachel, our environmental engineer, lived up to her job title spotting the litter on site! Thanks Rachel for the little things, and the much much bigger things you do to make sure the Scheme meets our planning conditions.