Weekly update – 22 January 2021

Wild weather this week slowed down our piling progress as high winds limited the pitching of steel sheet piles. On the flip side, the weather conditions kept our working platform maintenance gang busy, ensuring the dredged platform wasn’t washed out to sea! We've had plenty of interest in our work on frontage 1 so have installed viewing windows in the security hoarding at the Saluting Platform so passers-by can check out what's happening on site. Clearer conditions during the latter part of the week saw us piling west to east from the Saluting Platform. Over on the east side of Spur Redoubt, stud-welding has been completed for the mass concrete toe structural connection to the sheet piles. Hydro demolition was also carried out around the Spur Redoubt so the old concrete could be removed without damage to the historic structure. Speaking of historic structures, we have recently discovered sections of historic seawall during our works. This week our archaeologist has been busy exposing and cleaning parts of the old wall. Stay tuned for more details… Piling and concrete works will continue next week.