Weekly update – 22 April 2022

Under the sea….
We've fitted an outfall pipe on Bandstand Field which means that in heavy rainfall the water will drain away out to sea rather than pooling in the field. Alongside this we are placing sound tubes – pipes that will enable the public to listen to the sound of the sea through the tubes at Bandstand Field. It's all part of the improvement to landscaping throughout the Southsea Coastal Scheme
Rocking along…
Every week it’s clear to see the progress made to the rock armour defence at Frontage Four.  So far we have placed 95m and 10,000 tonnes of rock since we started a few weeks ago. The new defence extends about 25m out to sea, which is considerably wider than the existing structure.  Seed rock has been reinstated into the new revetment to speed up the process of creating a suitable habit for animals, and our famous protected Purple Sandpipers.
Meanwhile at Frontage One...
...we are preparing for parapet installations on the west of the works. Our specially made pre cast wall units continue to be installed, and apparently we now have a site seal that comes to visit!